Services Disclaimer

This Services Disclaimer (Disclaimer) has been adopted by and applies to:

409812 BC Ltd. doing business as:                 DDP Consulting Group (DDP),

                                                                       Dynamic Datacorp People (DDP),

                                                                       International Business Dynamics (IBD),

                                                                       Patient Centered Systems (PCS),

and Associated Companies:                              Canada Robotics Ltd. (CRL),

who are collectively referred to as "We" or "Us" or "Our".

Domain references to:                            owned by DDP,

                                                             owned by CRL,

are owned by Us, each as an individual domain owner, and are  referred to as "Website(s)"; or "Webpage(s)" or "Our Domain(s)".

Purpose of this Disclaimer

This disclaimer covers Services and Solutions provided by Us.


The highest quality of provided services will depend upon your positive commitment to your Project. This includes making your people aware of the Project and your expectations of the results. It also means scheduling your people and resources as required and in making all necessary information available to Us.

Project Management

It is expected that when Projects of a more significant nature are performed that you will assign a dedicated Project Manager who will have the time to be intimately involved with your Project and also have decision making authority.

Privacy and Nondisclosure

In keeping with Industry and Canadian Standards an appropriate Privacy and Nondisclosure agreement will be authorized by both parties prior to the start of your Project.

Software and Hardware

A result of mixing, so called, compatible hardware and software is often an incompatible situation. There is also constant changes in hardware and software by manufacturers and vendors. In addition technology company's merge and/or go out of business with alarming regularity. We do not take responsibility for delays or extra expenses caused by the use of products that We do not create.

Networks and Data

The dilemma of network and data security versus access, renders any recommended courses of action or subsequent enhancements not guaranteed to be 100% effective at all times. Also, due to the dependence of technology systems upon products provided by a number of vendors, there will always be opportunities for the determined perpetrator to break whatever systems are in place. We will, however, provide the best solutions available to reduce the possibilities of security and related problems.


Current as of 10 March 2004