A brief synopsis and cross section of some of the projects that DDP Consulting Group has completed:

Communications Consulting / Technical Consulting

Financial System Review and Replacement Project
Analysis and Planning

DDP was selected to evaluate an existing financial system due to its poor record of performance.  We recommended and conducted a full system audit of software, hardware and networks to determine non-performing areas.  DDP conducted a review consisting primarily of analysis and discussion about their financial systems and ancillary custom modules.  These results provided an indication of the areas of unreliable performance and provided a basis for determining the costs to repair the existing system.

A RFP reflecting all current requirements of the financial system was produced and a qualified group of financial vendors were invited to participate with their product response.  The RFP discussed the accounting requirements in each area of the financial system.  In the final phase we went through a comprehensive selection process to determine the most appropriate fit.  A selection was made and a process of implementation is underway.

Courier Service
Communications and Technical Consulting

A Communications Server, AS/400 and modem pool solution was developed for a courier company to allow customers to inquire as to the status of their packages.  This solution required programming in C++ and REXX interfacing with a multiport Digiboard.

Various Companies
Linux Server

Implemented Linux as gateway server / firewall for office networks allowing many computers to share a single modem / ISDN / ADSL connection.  Clients can easily maintain their user lists for email / FTP account purposes.  The Server can also be used to support Intra-Internet web sites with many tools including FrontPage 98 / 2000 on Apache with support for POP3.  Additional functionality can be added at client request.

Various Companies
Network Design and Implementation

Several different kinds of networks have been planned, installed and serviced.  These include NT, Novell, Unix, SNA and integrated Enterprise networks.  Ongoing support is provided to maintain and upgrade the facilities as required.

Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security
Technical Support

Technical support was provided for the Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security.  DDP provided 3rd level technical support to a Windows NT LAN of over 20 servers and 1,000 users spread throughout the province.  Supported WinNT Server, Windows NT Workstation, Windows 95, MS SMS, MS Proxy Server, MS WTS, and MS SQL Server.

Various Companies
Technical Support

Technical support for MVS, VM and VSE has been provided for a number of companies.  Support is provided at the system management and systems programming level for IBM Operating and ancillary systems.  These systems include OS/390, VM, VSE with CICS, DB/2, IMS, VTAM etc.  Planning, installation, upgrades and service are included.  These services are provided for a number of organizations including government agencies, hospitals and private firms through Western Canada.

International Transaction Routing centralized clearing agency resulted in a project to build an interface for a publishing company.  The cost savings realized over buying the off the shelf solution were about 50%.  Programming was done on an integrated application communication server. 

RS6000 AIX support was provided for a national company.  Support included remote software upgrade, application maintenance, configuration, administration and clean up.  This support enabled the client to continue running when vendor support was not available for the application.

IBM Enterprise Server technical support is provided by our Senior people for a number of companies.  This support provides for VM, VSE, CICS, MVS, SNA, TCP/IP and other components.  This removes the requirements for the client to employ highly skilled, expensive technical people.

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Management Consulting / Project Management

Publishing Company
Departmental Structuring

Department structure analysis and re-organizational design was done for a publishing company.  The plan was for a more open approach to providing computer solutions and support to user departments.  The staff was provided with better skill transfers and growth opportunities.

Various Companies and Government Agencies
Disaster Recovery Planning / Business Continuity Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing / Business Continuity in the case of a major computer outage has been undertaken for a major forest products company, retailers, a directory company and government agencies.  These plans have included offsite recovery testing and communications tests.  These plans have also produced some innovative approaches to supporting Enterprise Servers on hot site computer and recovery process for local service LANs/WANs.

Ministry of Education
Facilities Management

Computer Systems Facilities Management for the Ministry of Education and a subsequent spin off company was provided.  This support allowed the clients to save costs as a full time in-house person was not needed.  Both on-site and remote support was available almost immediately when required.

Yukon Government Services
Facilities Management

Facilities Management is provided for the Yukon Government.  Services include support for IBM Enterprise Server operating systems and general infrastructure.  Both on-site and remote activities are provided.  Onsite support was included during the Y2K New Year change over.

Various Companies
Outsource Facilitation

Outsourcing opportunity was facilitated for several BC companies.  The outsourcing enabled controlled migration between different technologies and realized the benefits of outsourcing to a Canadian source rather than US based.

Pulp and Paper Producer
Project Management Training

Project Management Training was provided for large pulp and paper producer on using both Timeline and MS Project computerized project management tools.  This training enabled the planning of a major maintenance shutdown for a pulp mill.  The benefit was reduced shutdown time and maintenance costs.

Pacific Blue Cross
Storage Server

This project was to select a Storage Server solution from three major suppliers.  The solution was to support NT, Novell, OS/390 etc., using a single integrated unit.  Project management was provided to coordinate, facilitate and evaluate the respective vendors’ offerings.

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Application Development 

Westech Mobile Solutions
Analysis and Programming

Designed and developed applications for Westech Mobile Solutions.  These applications were developed to export data from the database to file formats specified by Westech’s clients.  Development was done in C and Access. The clients input helped to define the requirements for their data file Format, to produce a design, document, and develop an application.  The user interface was developed in MS Access with the data processing being written in C.  Support to existing clients was provided in the form of bug fixes and enhancements to existing Data Export Applications.

Performed requirements analysis and high-level design for a Generic Data Export Engine.  Analyzed existing method to come up with a specification for their new Data Export application.  Goal was to create a single application that could handle all current and future Export File Formats.  The end product was a document that laid out the key design issues for the new Data Export application as well as an overview of the existing Data Export applications with their strengths and weaknesses.

BC Gas
Application Development

Provided BC Gas with a Consultant to provide an Access database to serve as an invoicing system for billing tenants of BC Gas’ customers for various services.  The database would allow for both variable and fixed components of any service, flexible-billing periods on a per customer basis, and data to be provided by the customer in Excel spreadsheet format that would be read into the system electronically.  This application was designed in Access 97 for Windows 95.

Courier Service
Communications and Technical Consulting

A Communications Server, AS/400 and modem pool solution was developed for a courier company to allow customers to inquire as to the status of their packages.  This solution required programming in C++ and REXX interfacing with a multiport Digiboard.

Insurance Company
Application Development

DDP has developed a variety of applications for an Insurance Firm.  Various applications were developed to create and track client insurance policy information and produce policy quotations based on client’s business activities and claims history. Additional features included were tracking of policy abeyance and key client / employee contacts, generating policy documents in a report format, and producing quotations for clients.  Some of the applications were developed to allow the clients to view policy reports via a dial in solution or with a web browser.

TCG International Inc.
Application Development and Support

A secure file transfer system was developed for TCG International Inc.  The system was developed using standard Internet protocols (FTP) to allow daily transfer of client data between central server site and remote satellite offices.  Systems allow for auto update of client software, and centrally controlled scheduling and file transfer lists.

Upgraded an Electronic Data Interchange application for OS/2.  The Application accepts calls from client sites, receive and send files and check the integrity of the received file.  The application utilizes five modems simultaneously to handle the volume of calls.

Various Companies
Application Development

A Custom Inventory System was developed for an independent transit company.  Development was database oriented providing network aware programs.  The resulting system was oriented to BC Transit requirements. Accurate parts tracking and costs elimination resulted from the use of this program.

Client / Server Application Development using Sybase, C, SQL and Windows.  This project for a directories company is part of a project to move computer functionality out to the user, eliminate paper, improve productivity of the sales force and directly increase bottom line profits.

Application Development using databases for network use.  This project provided an equipment tracking and reservation system for a major national television facility.  Analysis, design and programming were performed.  This resulted in more efficient and better use of available equipment.

Workers’ Compensation Board
Application Development and Enhancements

The WCB has been charged with administering the provincial Workers Compensation Act since 1917.  Their mandate is to support the creation of workplaces that are safe from injury and disease, to provide financially for victims of workplace injuries, and to assist in the physical and vocational rehabilitation of injured workers to safely return them to work.

DDP recently completed a project for the Prevention Division, the Laboratory Services department.  This was the Asbestos Proficiency Test Program that was developed and enhanced in MS Access 2.0.

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Pacific Blue Cross
Business Communications Infrastructure

DDP was selected by Pacific Blue Cross to design the complete communications infrastructure for their new 120,000 square foot facility in Burnaby, BC.  The scope of the design involved a structured system, a switched local area network, a 3,700 square foot computer room and a redesign of all WAN connections.  DDP managed the project from requirement capture, through system design and implementation, to the commissioning and support phase.

DDP defined, designed, procured, managed and commissioned the complete Information Technology (IT) infrastructure for the new building.  The scope included a structured cabling system to service all 6 floors and designed to be fully functional for at least 15 years.  A new Local Area Network to support present and future client/server applications.  A 3,700 square foot computer room with raised floor to accommodate 2 IBM mainframes, over 30 PC servers and associated peripheral equipment.  Redesign of Wide Area Network communication to take advantage of centralized operations and Internet services.  Relocation of all IT services at the Burnaby location after the move.

PBC is the leading provider in BC of extended medical and dental insurance plans.  PBC came into existence in November 1997 as a result of the merger of MSA Medical Services Association and CU&C Health Services Society.  The new corporation provides health services to over 2 million members.

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