Communications and Technical Consulting:

         Analysis and Planning *

         Local Area Network Design & Implementation *

         Internet, Intranet, & Extranet Development *

         Mainframe System Design & Support *

         Technical Support & Help Desk Services *


Management Consulting / Project Management

         Relocation Planning & Execution *

         Facilities Management *

         Disaster Recovery Planning / Business Continuity Planning *

         Departmental Structuring *

         Outsource Facilitation *


Application Development & Programming Services:

         Wireless Application Development *

         Client / Server Application Development *

         Web Based Application Development *

         Mainframe Application Development *

         eCommerce Application Development *

         Programming with MS Access, MS Visual Basic, Delphi, REXX, Powerbuilder, C++, Java, .NET, COBOL, etc. *



         Intelligent Building Design *

         Computer Room Facilities Design *

         Structured Cabling Design *


Communication & Technical Consulting

Analysis & Planning

         Examination of business requirements and the preparation of a plan of action to meet those requirements.

         Technical analysis and planning for computer hardware, software, networks, and installation.

         Organizational analysis and planning for department functions and structure.

Network Design, Implementation & Management

         Local Area Networks running Windows, Linux, or Novell.

         SNA and TCP/IP Network Support.

         Integration of Local/Wide Area Networks and Host Networks: designed, implemented and managed. 

         Cabled and Wireless solutions. 

Internet, Intranet, & Extranet Development

         Provide access to the Internet for basic communications needs, web-based publishing, e-commerce, and other web-enabled business processes.

         Web-based technical support and service to customers using on-line technologies.

         Help with issues such as: firewalls, anti-spam measures, ISP evaluation and administration.

Mainframe System Design & Support

         IBM Mainframe Computer Systems: z/OS, z/VM, Linux, VSE, VTAM/NCP, CICS, IMS, DB/2 and other IBM products.

Technical Support & Help Desk Services

         Help desk support for computer related problems, queries and requests.

         Technical writing, manual and document creation.

         Training and education either in a formal or an informal environment.

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Management Consulting / Project Management

Relocation Planning & Execution

         Provide a complete procedure for planning space needs and managing relocations.

         Take the client through every stage of the relocation process, from determining an organization's needs to the actual move and evaluation of the new set-up.

         Evaluate the decisions and responsibilities and prepare a time line to be followed.

Facilities Management

         Design and implementation of computer facilities.

         Cabling systems design for voice and data.

         Computer facilities move.

         Technical software maintenance operations management.

         Stand-In department management.

         Capacity Planning.

Disaster Recovery Planning / Business Continuity Planning

         Business Continuity Planning - encompasses the survival of an organization as a whole in the event of a major disaster. This includes the recovery of the computer systems.

         Disaster Recovery Planning - focuses on the restoration of an organization’s computer facilities after a failure caused by either a minor problem or a major disaster.

Departmental Structuring

         Strategic IT and business planning.

         Facilitate Staff, Business Process and System Infrastructure preparedness for a migration to a Client/Server environment.

         Coach our clients on the basic elements of building mission-critical, scaleable, adaptive technology infrastructures.

         Create a disciplined pre-planning and configuration process for technology selection and design.

         Define the appropriate integration and/or data migration requirements that support the business needs.

Outsource Facilitation

         Deliver customized solutions to streamline backroom and administrative HR operations.

         Provide expertise in design, installation and support of computer networks and applications software.

         Provide a sensibly priced "outsourced" support service for companies that do not have the time or technical expertise to design and support their own computer systems in-house.

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Application Development & Programming Services

DDP can provide programming, analysis and project leaders to assist with wireless, client/server, web based and mainframe application development.  DDP can provide the following:

         New software development, business re-engineering, enhancements, and rewrites of mainframe and client server systems.

         Project leadership, analysis, and programming.

         JAD Sessions, use of Accepted Methodologies, CASE and Project Planning Tools.

         Programming in a variety of languages.

         Testing and implementation of new developments.

         Back up support for new and existing applications.  

eCommerce Design

         Guide the client through the Web Site development process of setting up a first site or update existing sites.

         Each solution is developed with a combination of marketing, design, technology and a focus on the user experience.

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Intelligent Building Design

         Enhancement of the internal environment and comfort levels in buildings through remote monitoring and control facilities to deliver comfort, safety, and a healthy environment that operates efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

         Integration of building services, building automation, office automation, telecommunications, and information network into the design and management of intelligent buildings.

Computer Room Facilities Design

         Inventory and documentation of existing client equipment.

         Documentation of existing voice and data circuits and facilities.

         Coordination with equipment vendors.

         Space planning and design development for new equipment rooms.

         Specifications for raised floors and overhead cable management.

         Design of in-room fiber and copper cabling for complete equipment connectivity.

Structured Cabling Design

         Structured computer, telephone and Multimedia cabling installations

         Fiber Optic cabling installation, termination and testing

         Local Area Network cabling design and certification

         CATV design and installation

         Wireless access points integration

         Troubleshooting and evaluations

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